February 26th, 2017

The Filth and the Kandyass Killer Kankers

I've recently had an interesting experience. Facebook deleted one of my posts two days. They've just asked me if the post was spam and they were removing posts that breached their community posting standards. Basically someone reported my post as spam. I'm including a link to the article I posted and a copy of the text that may have incurred the wrath of said troll.

Immigration authorities detain Muhammad Ali, Jr. at Florida airport, demand to know if he's Muslim

"You know the police have wanted to bust his dad like this for years :D

Ask anyone who has got on the wrong side of the police in the US. I have. They are no better than those found in some third world country plus they're heavily armned and backed up by a crooked Police Union and state attorneys. So many of them are racist and politically to the right of Atilla the Hun. The KKK made it policy to infiltrate the police from the beginning of the US Civil Rights movement. When there is a liberal (by US standards) governement in power the police relax their illegal activities a bit since they don't want to become a platform for US lefties to run on but the more right wing the US Goverment is the more they feel they can take the piss. This is not going to get better for the next four years."

I'll be interested to see if this happens here on Livejournal. Also if anyone wants to posts of similar experiences that would  be cool too.