kruku (kruku) wrote,

More "Rich = Evil" rhetoric

An Aussie journo(turns out to beCEO of Oxfam) pins the tail on the rich wealth worshipping culture we have.

It's good. But it's a rhetoric that Wat Tyler used to sell. Nothing wrong with the concept.
Freeing up all that wealth and get some qualified people in the driving seat of our commerce and industries would solve a lot of problems. Think about it. We've had the technological know how to mine asteroids for decades. But the present 1% and their, cowed, management aren't about to take any risks in case we see they have feet made of clay. That's why they let the muppet, trump, step up for the job of US Pres. They didn't want it because the new media is shining far too a big a spotlight on any big issues. It's getting so a mega corporation can't finesse disaster capitalism through wars in the middle east without half the world knowing about it. So some take some of their money and put some new people in charge

...but first the working class & poor & marginalised have to give up on the self-hate and we have to give up enabling propaganda we find mostly in the media that fuels this self-hate. That's what we should be working on, enabling the education and pride of the bottom 80% of humanity. It's no good scrapping the old structure until you've got the plans for the new one and there's no
point in sacking the old bosses until you have the new personnel ready to replace them. Look at the French & Russian Revolutions and the bourgeois societies they spawned. Also look at the Western hemisphere's response to any people's uprising from the Spanish Civil War to Syria. Educate a worker now and see five on the barricades when they're needed.
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