kruku (kruku) wrote,

An Xmas tale

I didn't know how to post this as it seemed so raw and bizarre at the time. Going home late one night this week I saw a gentleman of colour who later turned out to be Asian or Middle Eastern. He was surrounded by policemen and other emergency services people in uniform. He was declaiming something loudly. It was dark and the traffic was busy so I couldn't make out too many details but I got closer, I had to pass the incident. It was on my way home, but not too close. One doesn't like to get involved with the constabulary's activities unless one attracts their attention. I then noticed he had no shirt and there was an ambulance nearby and the emergency staff were ambulance staff. Then I noticed he was holding his index finger aloft and seemed to be addressing the night sky. He was proselytizing! Then I noticed he had no trousers and the policemen surrounding him were very close. They had no fear of him. They were trying to make sure he didn't dash into the traffic. Did I mention it was rather cold last night? The poor fellow was mad, or desperate. I suppose you can be both(: I didn't hear his sermon. There were a lot of policemen and it was cold and I wanted to get home to my bed as I had to get up early next day. But it occurred to me he was probably distressed over the atrocious incidents in Syria. What was he to do? Middle Eastern states were involved, the West was involved^^ I believe he was trying to get our attention with an act of outrageous imodesty so we would stop to hear what he had to say. Upon thinking it over I was quite moved. He may have been just another poor soul given unto the care of the community. I think the poor fellow was quite bonkers, or desperate over the inhumanity in Syria. I think a person could be both. But if I'm right his act of imodesty, which hurt no one but himself, was his contribution to draw attention to the awful inhumanity being carried out in Syria. You might want to retell this story of a madman(?) trying to save the Syrians and the suffering of it's people and us from the sin of omission. You may be successful in moving people enough to lobby for an end to foriegn interference in Syria. I'd like to take that last thought through Xmas with me :)
Tags: london street people
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