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06 June 2016 @ 03:22 pm
Reader's Group Meeting is at Streatham Library Monday the 6 June.  

Our first meeting of 2016 we will be in one of Streatham Library's meeting rooms on Monday the 6 June. So just pop in to Streatham Library on the day and ask at the library staff desk which meeting room we are meeting in..

Everyone is welcome. So please turn for a chat about comics & graphic novels and what we would all like to see in our Streatham Library graphic novel collection on Monday the 6 June.

Oh and if you're late we reconvene at about 20:00 in the Holland & Tringham pub just down the road :)

Streatham Library
63 Streatham High Road
London SW16 1PL
After Meeting drink:
Holland and Tringham
107-109 StreathamHigh Road
London SW16 1HJ
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