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07 April 2016 @ 12:24 am
Carry on gaming  
I enjoyed a RPG tabletop game tonight. New Steve masterfully tolerated our carry-on gaming style to run an excellent game.
In an investigation of a dwarven cavern the sneaky, urbane, Ratskin managed to wake up two arboreal Giant Spiders, a necromancer and his small army of zombies. The cleric of the milk and water diety, Adran,  & the Wizilvard, Zeno, decided the best course of action was run in with surprise. We were surprised. Ratskin had sneakily allowed himself to be wrapped up in the arboreal G‌iant Spiders' webs overhead. Zeno the Wizilvard fireballed the Giant Spider webs. Adran the cleric turned the necromancer (who now appeared to be undead) and his horde of undead minions while standing underneath the burning webs. The Giant Spiders having their webs burned promptly fell upon Adran the cleric & Zeno the Wizilvard. Sala the elven ranger, cursed with unmanageable hair, attacked the Giant Spider savaging Adran the cleric. The sly urbanite, Ratskin. freed himself of charred webbing and sneaked up to stab the Giant Spider on Zeno the Wizilvard but Ratskin cunningly headbutted a flailing Giant Spider limb waved in his direction and then tumbled into a nearby chasm to distract his foe. Zeno the Wizilvard dispatched the Giant Spider with a blast of eldritch energy and then joined the cunning rogue in a pretence of aiding him to climb out of the chasm but "falling down" into the chasm with Ratskin. While Sala the ranger battled the last remaining Giant Spider Adran, in a spectacular feat of tactics, fetched a rope to the chasm threw it down to the others and let himself get pulled into the chasm with the weight of the rope! So Ratskin is holding onto the side of the chasm with one hand and Zeno with the other. Zeno has Adran’s rope in his other hand from which Adran is dangling from. Sala the elven ranger, always a little slow off the mark, fussily tied off his rope and descended to help the others. But he did manage to entertain everyone by doing it upside down and losing all the daggers & handaxes he had gathered for use as missile weapons.
There was more but for dignity’s sake I draw a veil over the scene here. You know who you are :)