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18 May 2016 @ 11:44 pm
White Dragon  
Tonight I played a very well behaved White Dragon. Did I mention I was in a tabletop roleplaying game tonight?
It started with taking down Hedron, a powerful witch & avatar of a diety of ice & death in an ice fortress by reasoning with her. However she had to be divested of her curse imbued ice powers. Which Adran, the Cleric of the milk & water god took on himself, to his fatal detriment upon turning into a ice statue. Then while my character, Sala, found a way out of our icy prison the leather clad philosopher, Ratskin ( Sala calls him Ratso out of affection) set about philandering with the now powerless ice witch. We found ourselves stranded on an ice shelf, our ship, froze solid. So the "clever" wizavard, Zeno, said he could temporarily turn one of us into a giant flying beast to carry us to civilisation before we starved to death. What could go wrong? Once a White Dragon Sala forgot who he was and after literally dropping the ship & it's crew by the coast ravage the territory of all tasty protein. Barring that I surprised at myself insomuch as having all the power of a massively powerful mythical creature I was looking for ways for Sala the dragon to fit into the game rather than running amok. I managed to find excuses not to ravage sentient settlements & towns and Sala the Ice Dragon, squatted an old Ice Dragon's lair. However, as the dragon, Sala did manage to bitch-slap the annoying "clever" wizavard, Zeno before being turned back into a boring old Elf Ranger :)

Edit: Because turning into a White Dragon was the most intersting thing that happened to my character I didn't bother to mention this earlier but Adran, the Cleric turning into a ice statue when he took on Hedron the Ice Witch's curse was a major game changer and narrative event. The Ice Witch had been using her powers to freeze half a continent and starve the population in doing so. By removing Hedron as the Ice Witch Adran the Cleric had changed the that part of the world for the better and foresseable future. If the game were to run as an 'epic' campaign new 'epic' challenges would have to be introduced to it. This is also true of any narrative.