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11 July 2014 @ 07:37 pm
Well that's what I thought when I heard it. A pop song I mean. It's a wee bit twee and I can easily imagine it with some inane banal lyrics about how the girl next door is underwhelmed by the singer's sartorial elegance and unfashionable smartphone or, I suppose it would be Lyre (:

Open Culture: Listen to the Oldest Song in the World: A Sumerian Hymn Written 3,400 Years

But then we would all feel a bit silly if the oldest song (known of) in creation was incredibly sophisticated and made the last few thousand years of musical accomplishments sound like an uninspired and badly trained primary school quartet :)
Enjoying a cup of tea and two jaffacakes while listening to this podcast:) It is very entertaining.

Futility Closet: 017-An Aircraft Carrier Made of Ice

If you have ever wondered how on earth businesses and governments are convinced into investing in strategies that have no empirical evidence and are obviously doomed to failure "convinced" is the operative word. There are no more successful conmen than those who believe their own scam.
I discovered a note on a bustop in Tooting...
I saw a woman dragging a stumbling toddler, a small girl that had only just seemed to have mastered the art of walking. At the the same time the woman was pushing a pushchair that barely supported the frame of a young, apparently able bodied and mentally competent, boy of 6 or 7 years of age who, seated like a reclining potentate, had a very smug look upon his face. As the woman, presumably the boy's mother, passed me I wondered if it had occurred to her that in giving in to the boy she was teaching him how to deal with women in his future experiences.

This is not an uncommon observation which many of us see everyday. But it came to mind when I read a post on someone attacking Anita Sarkeesian's stance on gaming. I agree with Ms Sarkeesian that the institutional sexism inherent in gaming is noxious and I do not support the attacks on Ms Sarkeesian because she threatens the ongoing sausage festival within the gaming culture. However I can not agree with Ms Sarkeesian's notion that concentrating on sexism in gaming is the best way to rid gaming culture of sexism. By the time a boy is old enough to play a computer game the damage has already been done. Ms Sarkeesian is 'on a mission' and is confusing the map with the territory. Any attempt to direct a persons attitudes is best done in their infancy when they are first learning how to play.
04 July 2014 @ 12:54 pm
I have just got my donated Emachine working. Well. It was working before but not very well. The battery is shorted and most likely the battery charger. The operating system was incredibly cranky. I've installed Windows 7 temporarily. I may keep it to sell it ...if I can get a new battery and charger for it at a budget price. I'll look on Freecycle first :)  But before I want to spend some time using it. To be honest I've spent so much time with old inefficient computers using this computer now is like meeting the first girl who didn't bite my tongue :P
I saw a city worker pause to capture a piece of sky on her camera phone while at the bottom of a narrow chasm caused by the narrow buildings she was scurrying to work between.

I saw a cheeky, scruffy, juggler on London Bridge entertaining the well heeled commuters hurrying to their day's business and wondered if the scene would look that different in the middle ages?
30 June 2014 @ 01:14 pm
I have seen a bus driver refusing to let passengers off through the front doors while the bus' rear doors had gone berserk, repeatedly opening and snapping at fleeing passengers trying to disembark to catch the bus that had just pulled up behind.

I saw a yogic prayer offered up to mature chesnut tree by a spandex-wearing fitness freak.

I saw a bus driver wearing, what I thought was an entirley approriate, large phallic-shaped headdress refuse to allow passengers on board because he was not able to park any closer to the bus stop than 3 metres.
For our next meeting we will be convening in a meeting room at Streatham Library this coming 14 July. So ask at library staff the desk where we.

Everyone is welcome. So please turn for a chat about comics & graphic novels and what we would all like to see in our new refurbished Streatham Library on Monday the 14 July.

Oh and if you're late we reconvene at about 20:00 in the Holland & Tringham pub just down the road :)

Streatham Library
63 Streatham High Road
London SW16 1PL
After Meeting drink:
Holland and Tringham
107-109 StreathamHigh Road
London SW16 1HJ
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22 June 2014 @ 01:37 pm
The parable about a can of worms also applies to technology. Once a technology has been dissiminated even those that have no expertise in said technology can teach themselves how to utilise it and it's spread throughout any culture becomes almost impossible to halt.

Thus it is with the internet. While our lords & masters are busy trying to secure the internet in order to carve it up and parcel it out to thier big business friends they have forgotten what comprises the vast majority of the interenet. Us. Or at least our contributions. When the new planned tiered internet has become too expensive or tiresome for most of us to access what will be left? A massive internet burgreoned with metaphorical billboards?

However we can build our own internet and it is a lot easier than one might think. So should an alternative internet present itself would people utilise it? I think they would.

The Open Wireless Movement  gives one possible stratergy on how such a thing might be achieved. Check out the link below:

The Open Wireless Movement's Router OS

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Steven Appleby, Ilya, Oscar Zarate & Steve Walsh will be conversing on their work in garphic narative at the Peckham Pelican this Sunday. Check link below...

Literary Festival Kitchen